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Advertising in 200.000 Magazines - My Aruba Guide Magazine

For over 40 years, we've led the way in Aruba and Curacao with our premier lifestyle and travel magazines. Our content richly showcases the best in shopping, dining, activities, beaches, and nightlife, complemented by essential map guides for easy navigation.

  • Reach: As the most circulated magazine on the island, My Curacao Guide reaches an unparalleled 200,000 copies annually. This ensures your advertisements connect with the widest audience of tourists, making our magazine the top-read publication on Aruba. 
  • Distribution: Strategically placed in over 500 high-traffic areas — including hotels, resorts, restaurants, BnBs, supermarkets, retail stores, tours, and activities — our magazine ensures your brand captures attention at the critical moment tourists decide where to spend.
  • ROAS: With an average ROAS of 685%, advertising in our magazine proves to be a highly effective method to reach and convert your target audience.


Our extensive distribution and targeted reach guarantee that your brand is shown to tourists on Aruba and Curacao, offering unmatched visibility and impact.

Advertise in +7.000 Hotel Rooms - My Aruba Guide TV

The perfect place to showcase your brand in an exciting way. Broadcast in most hotels, our channel reaches a wide audience of tourists who are always looking for what to do next on the island.
We know that videos can grab attention better than just pictures. Therefore, we offer commercial slots of 20, 30, and 60 seconds that powerfully show off your products or services, build your brand, and make a memorable impact on viewers. Our reach means that many tourists will see your message, helping them decide what to buy during their vacation.
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7.000 Hotel rooms

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Leonardo, ATV & Buggy Tours Curacao

''After we started working with Island Guide TV we got more tourists from the different hotels that Island Guide TV is been working with''

ABC Tours

"We choose to work with Island Guide TV because we heard good things about them and additionally they have been very timely with everything we asked for. What we received was exactly what we expect, very good experience!"

Serena's Art Factory

''Serena’s Art Factory has been working with My Curacao Guide for over 5 years now. It improves the visibility of our company to visitors and locals of Curacao. The Curacao Travel Magazine is widely available with interesting and qualitative content. For Serena’s Art Factory it is worth the investment to be represented in this magazine!''

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