Quiz: About Aruban Food

Find Out What You Know About Aruban Food by taking this Quiz. From go to snack to direct translations of food names. Also Get to know Local Food in Aruba!


1. What is a go-to snack that locals love to eat for breakfast and is described as deep-fried pockets full of all kinds of goodies?
  1. Deditos
  2. Pastechi
  3. Croquettes
  4. Funchi
2. What type of food is most popular in the Caribbean?
  1. Steak
  2. Burgers
  3. Seafood
  4. Vegetarian
3. What is the name of the island’s most famous signature cocktail?
  1. Sunset Aruba
  2. One Happy Island
  3. Aruban Blast
  4. Aruba Ariba
4. What are the most common types of fish served in restaurants on Aruba?
  1. Snapper
  2. Grouper
  3. Mahi-mahi
  4. All of the Above
5. What is the translation of Aruba’s National Dish “Keshi Yena”?
  1. Stuffed Cheese
  2. Cornmeal Mush
  3. Sweet Bread
  4. Smashed Bread
6. What does the term “Truk’i pan” mean?
  1. A bakery with a variety of bread
  2. A local snack bar
  3. A restaurant that serves unlimited bread
  4. A food truck alongside the road where you can pick up various grill dishes
7. What fish is often caught in Aruban waters due to its invasive nature?
  1. Lionfish
  2. BullShark
  3. Barracuda
  4. WhiteMarlin
8. What is the local name for the popular takeout menu choice that includes ribs, chicken, Johnny Cake, fries, and more, all served in a brown paper bag?
  1. Saco
  2. Bari
  3. Tayo
  4. Caha
9. Which well-known local bar in San Nicolas recently celebrated 82 years of existence?
  1. Tropical Island Bar
  2. The Rusty Anchor
  3. Island Bar
  4. Charlie’s Bar
10. On Wednesdays locals love to “kibra siman”, what does this mean?
  1. Time to head to the beach
  2. Time to ‘break up the week’
  3. On Wednesday we take time to rest
  4. None of the above
11. Which animal on Aruba used to be a delicacy in soup but is now a protected species?
  1. Goats
  2. Flamingos
  3. Iguanas
  4. Donkeys
12. Which popular local side dish is made from a polenta-like cornmeal?
  1. Funchi
  2. Keshi Yena
  3. Pastechi
  4. Pan Bati


1. B) Pastechi.

Pastechi’s are an Aruban delicacy famous for its crescent-shaped dough that can be filled
with a variety of stuffing.

2. C) Seafood.

Seafood is the most popular food in the Caribbean due to its easy accessibility. Surrounded by water, it’s no wonder that seafood plays a prominent role in Aruba’s cuisine.

3. D) Aruba Ariba.

Aruba Ariba calls for 1⁄2ozVodka, 1⁄2 oz White Rum, 1⁄4 oz Grand Marnier, 1 oz Crème de Banana, and 5 oz fruit punch.

4. D) All of the Above.

There is no one popular fish to eat in Aruba. But if there were, then these would be the top picks.

5. A) Stuffed Cheese.

‘Keshi Yena’ is essentially a large round ball of cheese, stuffed with spicy meat (usually
chicken or beef) and melted into perfection.

6. D) A food truck along side the road whereyou can pick up various grill dishes.

The literal translation is Truk= Truck, Pan= Bread, although it has little to do with bread anymore. The Truk’ i pans are part of the night eat- culture and only open late.

7. A) Lion fish.

Lion fish are venomous and feed on prey normally consumed by snappers, groupers, and other commercially important native species. As lion fish populations grow, they put additional stress on coral

8. A) Saco.

A ‘saco’ is a brown paper bag filled with a variety of Aruba’s most delicious food items. Locals love to satisfy their cravings with a late-night ‘saco’ after a night out.

9. D) Charlie’s Bar.

Charlie’s Bar first opened its doors in 1941, and has been run by three generations of Charlie’s so far!

10. B) Time to ‘break up the week’.

On Wednesdays, locals love to split up the week by going out for some nice drinks and good food.

11. C) Iguanas.

‘Sopi Yuwana’ is a traditional Aruban soup, but its popularity is dwindling due to Iguana’s becoming a protected species on the island.

12. A) Funchi.

Funchi is an Aruban staple, a simple dish made with cornmeal, salt, and butter, often served with stews and fish dishes