Mi Dushi Casibari

Embark on a tasty journey through authentic Aruban flavors
Mi Dushi Casibari is where the food tells the story against the backdrop of the iconic Casibari Rock Formations. You're not just dining; you're experiencing Aruba's heart and soul in every bite. At Mi Dushi Casibari, we bring the genuine taste of Aruba to your plate. "Mi Dushi" means "my sweetheart" in Papiamento, and that's exactly what their dishes are – a love letter to Aruban cuisine. Picture yourself enjoying a meal surrounded by the unique rocks of Casibari. Each dish is like a taste of Aruba's rich cultural history. Their menu is all about keeping it real. From hearty stews to fresh seafood, every recipe has a touch of Aruban tradition passed down through generations. Mi Dushi Casibari isn't just about food, it's about sharing the authentic stories of Aruba's kitchen with each and every dish. Now, imagine a laid-back and friendly atmosphere that perfectly complements your dining experience. Enjoy soaking up the island vibes outdoors. And let's not forget their location near the famous Casibari Rock Formations – it adds that extra touch of magic to your meal. Hungry for a true taste of Aruba? For more details, check out Mi Dushi Casibari on Facebook, and don't forget to snag your spot to enjoy the heart and soul of Aruban cuisine.