Rum Reef Cocktail Bar&Grill

From hosting divers after a long dive to building the new Rum Reef bar and grill all we can say is we’ve come a long way
Rum Reef Cocktail Bar & Grill started off when Divers needed a meal and a great chat of their under water adventures after a long day of diving, it was a small cozy yet great mini shack (restaurant) to enjoy a warm meal together. Since then Rum Reef has expanded in becoming one of the only bar and grill overlooking Baby Beach with the great well known infinity pool.
Little known fact
The building was once the entertainment spot for the workers and their families of the Lago refinery. From being once the theatre of the Seroe Colorado or “colony” inhabitants to now being a place for both locals and tourist alike to enjoy, relax and experience quality time.
We try our best to maintain that relaxed
Experience new ways to tantalize your taste buds with the finest quality drinks, complemented by our dedicated staff and a nostalgic ambiance that invites reminiscence. Rum Reef believes that the adult only philosophy gives adults the chance to escape every day busyness and stress and enjoy the moment of peace and tranquility. They are proud of how things have grown and they hope to continue making your visit a memorable one. They don’t just want you to come once but to always consider Rum Reef Cocktail Bar&Grill your home away from home.
Open: Daily from 10:30 AM - 6 PM