The Gold Mine Ranch

Go on an equestrian journey like no other!

The Gold Mine Ranch is where the spirit of adventure meets the beauty of Aruba’s landscapes. They’re renowned for their exceptional horseback riding experiences. They invite you to discover the island’s wonders through a variety of captivating tours tailored for riders of all levels.

  • The Morning Tour or Afternoon Tour & Beach Ride, a delightful expedition that combines the joy of horseback riding with the serenity of the shoreline. Picture yourself trotting along the sandy beaches, feeling the sea breeze, and witnessing the mesmerizing coastal views. Whether it’s the morning light or the afternoon sun casting its warm glow, each moment on this tour is a snapshot of paradise.
  • For those seeking an exclusive and personalized experience, The Gold Mine Ranch presents the Private Paradise Tour. This adventure allows you to tailor your horseback riding experience while exploring the island’s hidden gems and scenic wonders at your own pace. It’s a private journey through Aruba’s natural beauty. Their expert team ensures an unforgettable and intimate connection with the surroundings.

Embark on a horseback riding adventure with The Gold Mine Ranch—book your Morning or Afternoon Tour & Beach Ride, or indulge in the exclusivity of the Private Paradise Tour. Unleash your inner explorer and let The Gold Mine Ranch be your guide to a remarkable equestrian escapade.

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